Musical Styles for Bass vs Guitar Learners

Both the guitar and bass have unique responsibilities within each genre of music.
Neither guitar nor bass is any better than the other for a certain style of music; they simply perform different tasks. The bass player gets to make unique bass lines and the guitarist gets to play solos. If you are eager to learn Guitar Lessons in Dubai, then Pop Music is the best choice for you to make. Contact or make a line to avail music or instrument courses here.

Bass Guitar:

Being the foundation of music bass weighs it down to bring it all together determining a feel to the song. Bass is often the most essential element in creating a successful music. The bass guitarists have the ability to play whatever is right unlike other instruments who have to stick to their respective parts. Make sure about the style of music you want to play. A bass player has a unique choice in the number of strings with 4, 5, or even 6 strings on their bass guitar. The only difference between basses with more strings is the availability of higher or lower notes on them. A bass guitar is the most important part of a band that improvise and stay active in creating beautiful songs.


One of the flexible instrument that plays various roles in a music including rhythm section, lead guitar, or a mix of both. Guitarists often play a defining role in the style of a music band being at the forefront. Being the foundation of the music, a guitar player builds chord progression from bass licks and matching them with a drum beat, in order to make a soulful music. Usually a solo goes through a lead guitar player. The strings of a guitar are smaller than that of bass, so you don’t require much finger strength. There are also numerous styles and possibilities of guitar.