Health Maintenance with Music

Music is something pleasant and soothing to your ears. Do you know that it has much connection with your body and health that too both physically and mentally. You may be the most happiest if you can sit back and enjoy your favourite songs after being so tired. Also group therapy such as art and music therapy has also proven development of health in most cases by counselling. Pop Music Institute is one of the reputed Music Schools in Dubai. You can contact or visit us for coaching and for tips regarding Music. Here we are introducing some musical things that helps develop your health.

Music and Memory Loss

The part of brain processing music is located next to memory. So patients suffering from Memory Loss can remember their history by connecting it with songs or tunes.Researchers on people suffering from post-traumatic amnesia – or memory loss showed that when patients listened to live or taped music, two thirds of them showed significantly reduced symptoms of anxiety and enhanced orientation.

Music and Workout

Workout experts and trainers opt to listen music while doing exercise to give you a better and healthy experience in multiple ways. It can increase your endurance, enhance your mood and can distract you from any discomforts during your workout. The level of exertion during workout will be the lowest when listening to music. Studies show that listening to music releases endorphins, ‘feel good’ hormones that raise our mood and motivate us to carry on longer with exercise. High energy, high tempo music like hip hop or dance music would be best for workout sessions.

Chronic Back Pain

Autonomic nervous system works behind the controlling of blood pressure, heartbeat and brain function and also the limbic system that controls feelings and emotions. Apart from physical tension, music also reduces Psychological Tension. Blood pressure and heartbeat slow down which helps in slow breathe, reducing muscle tension in our neck, shoulders, stomach and back while listening to music.

Listening music on a regular basis helps physical and mental relaxation of our body helping to relieve and prevent back pain.