About Us
About Us

About the group

Thomsun group, established in the year 1976 is a multi-faceted and diversified entity. The vision and work ethic, etched out over the years with foresight to diversify into new disciplines at the right time have seen the activities of the group grow. Thomsun started retailing and distributing the complete range of musical instruments and audio products since 1990 in the United Arab Emirates.

About music education

In the year 2000, Thomsun ventured into music education. At present, Thomsun has three music institutes in Dubai 1. Popular Music Institute, Wafi Mall 2. Sing & Swing Training Centre, IBN Battuta mall 3. Sing & Swing Training Centre (Br.), Lamcy Plaza. We provide music education in Piano, Keyboard, Guitar, Drums, Violin, Wind Instruments, Vocal and various Dance forms. We impart music lessons for kids in Dubai as well as for adults, by which we are able to promote the concept of family-oriented music education where parents and kids learn to play instruments.

We provide a dynamic and progressive musical environment which enable kids to learn music in groups or individually as per students requirements. All classes are fully equipped with branded instruments as well as teaching and learning aids to facilitate a positive music learning environment. We teach music to build musicians Step-by-Step through knowledge, motivation, creativity and performance. We are one of the leading Yamaha Music School in Dubai.

Students are prepared for International Board Exams, which is an important feature of our education system and exams are conducted twice a year. We organize students recitals in the month of June and December which increases the student's self-confidence, social skills & performance skills.

  • Music is an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythms, melody, harmony and colour.
  • Children who start music at an early age have enhanced brain function that lasts their entire lifetime as their brain wires differently. That enhanced brain function contributes to accelerated life skills and enrich academics for rest of their life.
  • Kids enjoy and appreciate music when they learn in groups. Kids that attend group class reach their fullest potential faster because of their motivation and solid technique that is developed during the class.
  • In group lesson, children sing and play together, help each other, encourage each other by listening to friends, and thus enhance their positive will towards enjoying music. Learning in a group can also nature the mind and feeling of responsibility as a member of the group, by sharing satisfaction with friends and teachers, and achieving the goal together.
  • We at TMI/SAS start music education as early as age 4, when their brain circuits for learning music is matured. The influence of music goes far beyond intellectual and physical development of a child. Children in early age show significant growth not only physically and intellectually but also mentally.
The Yamaha Junior Music Course is based on the following concepts